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Blog #33- This and That

This is the pandemic.

That is everything else.

This came after That.

Or maybe That came after This.

Nonetheless, That hasn’t left because of This.

And This has made That even harder.

We are not alone, though!

We all have This and That.


What if we called someone struggling with This?

Or reached out to someone overwhelmed with That?

Could our words make a difference?

Kindness alleviates This.

Encouragement helps with That.

And what if we went deeper?

To what really needs to be said?

Let envy turn into compliments,

and bitterness into forgiveness.

Let pride turn into humility

and stubbornness into apologies.

They may not help with This,

But might alter or eliminate That.

Who in your life do you need to call (not text) about This or That?

Life has halted.

Words are all we have right now.

Make them count.

Say what needs to be said.

Be Intentional.

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