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Blog #46 Trusting with Confidence

My family has a salt-and-pepper miniature schnauzer named Lucky, whom we lovingly describe as an old soul.

Several years ago, he developed problems with his back leg, causing him to struggle getting on and off the couch. As a remedy, we bought him his very own, very adorable staircase. When it arrived on our doorstep, we eagerly ripped open the box, snapped the parts together and, voila!, we had a miniature staircase for our miniature schnauzer. We slid it over to the couch and proudly explained to him this new doggie device.

He was not interested.

We picked him up (ignoring the low grumble) and placed him at the foot of it. He didn’t budge. We then placed his front paws on the first step. No movement. Finally, we positioned treats on each step and, very reluctantly, he trudged up. We erupted in applause while he watched us, bewildered.

We continually extolled the benefits of this amazing staircase to no avail. Truly, you cannot teach a dog new tricks! But one day, while coaxing him up, I realized what was hindering him.

The flooring in our house is primarily comprised of hardwood. Without carpet, Lucky’s new staircase can easily slide. That day, after laying out treats Hansel-and-Gretel-style up the steps, I watched him timidly lift his paw. But, as soon as he reached the first step, the contraption moved ever so slightly, immediately causing him to recoil.

He didn’t trust it.

He needed the staircase to feel stable, confident that it would not slip or slide. For Lucky to be convinced to use it, it was crucial that every step be stable and secure. Every. Single. Time.

The same is true for us.

When we place our trust in God, we crave assurance that His character, ability, and love for us will stand firm. Even the slightest doubt will cause us to recoil. Like Lucky, we desperately want our footing to be solid and sure. Every. Single. Time.

And, like Lucky, we scrutinize the staircase, contemplating its credibility.

Is God big enough to handle this?

What if He doesn’t provide what I need?

What if things don’t turn out the way I want them to?

We stare longingly at the couch cushion while remaining frozen in fear on the hardwood floor of life. As a result, we miss out on God’s provision, power and peace in our lives.

The good news is we can take that first step with confidence. Psalm 119:89-90 describes how and why that is possible.

“Forever, O Lord, your word is firmly fixed in the heavens. Your faithfulness endures to all generations; you have established the earth, and it stands fast.”

There are power-packed, confidence-building words in these two verses. Words that provide pictures of God’s promises and His faithfulness. They are easy to spot, too, because they all begin with the letter “f.”

Forever: Before you needed to trust God, His Word was available and long after the urgency is over, His Word will still be available. God’s declaration that He can be trusted is everlasting and not dependent on circumstances, our requests, or past mistakes.

Firmly Fixed: God’s Word is securely set in place and can’t be wiggled or shaken loose. Rooted in the Hebrew word nasab, it means “to be settled,” implying finality. Therefore, when God says He can be trusted, nothing we do can unhinge, detach or disqualify us from standing on that promise.

Faithfulness: This word is defined (and fully displayed by God) as thorough in performance, true to one’s word, steady in allegiance, and reliable. And, according to this verse, it endures to all generations. Therefore, we can be the recipients of this amazing virtue!

(Stand) Fast: What God has established will abide, remain, and endure throughout time. Consider how He has created, managed, and sustained the earth in all of its grandeur. That same God can handle the issues that rumble within our tiny hearts. Remember, they only loom large in our minds, not His.

Do you see the common thread that interlocks these words? God’s trustworthiness is established by Him and can’t be altered by us! Nothing we can do or have done will change God’s ability to be trustworthy. He is forever and firmly fixed by a faithfulness that we can hold fast to!

In other words, by nature, God cannot NOT be trustworthy.

We prevent ourselves from trusting. We assume our fears, doubts, and insecurities will result in slips and falls. According to His Word, though, God is unchanging, always available, can’t be altered, and will never let us down.

So, when you find yourself lingering on the hardwood, debating whether or not to take that first step of trust, remember this: our hearts can be secure in Him because what makes Him secure never changes.

His character is credible.

His words are dependable.

His staircase never moves.

Not even an inch.

So, go ahead. Take the step.

Be Intentional

Make a list of three attributes of God and compare it to your list of why you struggle to trust Him with that one area of your life. Choose His Word over your fears and take the step!

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