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Blog #32- The Painful Pause

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Our lives are on hold. I call it the Painful Pause. We didn’t ask for it, but nonetheless we’re in it. It’s inconceivable that tiny swarms of bacteria could literally bring the world to its knees. But it has.

Much of our pain is petty and boils down to inconvenience. And yes, hairstyles are rapidly outgrowing themselves and our roots are betraying us! But there are much larger issues at hand. Factors that significantly affect our finances and our future. And those in health care take it up a notch by battling the fear of actually going to work.

The Painful Pause. It’s legit.

I will confess that I am a believer in Jesus Christ. As a result, I trust He is not surprised and still in control. His ways are higher than mine and often I don’t understand them, but I have walked enough years with Him to know nothing is out of His reach.

Because of my convictions, I also know His timing is deliberate. There is an object lesson to be learned and I’m currently catching a glimpse of it.

Easter is on the horizon, pardon the pun, and the Painful Pause is forcing it to be different. I don’t mean the obvious, like no new dresses, egg hunts and crafts made out of green fluff. I mean it will feel different.

If we will let it.

There was a painful pause that first weekend of Easter. The time between the crucifixion and the resurrection was a standstill for those who had pledged to follow Jesus.

All sense of normalcy had evaporated. They had been building their lives assuming their king had come and now He was dead. That was the plot twist no one saw coming. And for them, it wasn’t a pause. Death was final. This was the Painful End.

Or so they thought.

We know the rest of the story and often read it from that perspective. But this year, I believe God wants us to truly experience the time between His death and resurrection. He wants us to feel life grinding to a halt and all the uncertainty that comes with it.


To ensure our rubber faith meets the road.

By faith, I don’t mean a naïve assumption that everything is going to be fine. No. We will incur wounds this season and some of them will leave scars. Faith is not a pat answer that all will be well.

Faith is trusting God to shape you into His Son’s image and agreeing that His choice of refinement is best.

Therefore, the Painful Pause forces us to answer these questions:

Do you believe He will see you through the personal obstacles this pandemic has created? And that His outcome is best?

Unfortunately, it is a yes/no question. Full disclosure: My answer vacillates daily!

My answer, though, and yours too, starts with the resurrection. Jesus came back to life. He did become King (capital “K”). The Painful Pause made His resurrection even more astounding.

As if coming back to life was not astounding enough!

Therefore, if we believe in the resurrection, then we believe He’s King and in control of our lives.

So, as you feel your pain this season, use it to slip into the shoes of the early believers. Walk a mile in them. They understand life becoming rapidly unrecognizable. They have gone before us.

COVID-19 is not the king of this world and though the King looks absent, make no mistake. He’s not.

Join me in the effort to be all in this Easter. It’s not a ritual or a holiday filled with candy. It is a life decision. We either believe this stuff or we don’t. Here’s my challenge:

Every time you feel the effects of the Painful Pause, stop to acknowledge He is King and tell Him you trust His ways.

May Easter be unforgettable.

Be Intentional

See the above challenge. For help persevering with this challenge see Blog #30. You

only have to persevere for a day!

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