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Blog #23- Need Faith? Pray BIG.

I remember my first prayer.

I was in college and had recently become a Christian. I was excited about my new faith and longed to share my decision with someone in particular.

His name was Chris Hahn.

The problem was I hadn’t seen Chris in a few years and how no idea how to find him. My college years were pre email/social media/google searching kind of years. Back then you had to acquire an actual phone number and then pay for it with real money if it was long distance.

So why did I want to tell Chris that I had become a Christian?

Quick backstory: I had met Chris in high school. He was a consistently happy, friendly guy who was serious about church. I remember being invited to one of his youth events, but I passed on it. Did people really have fun going to church? One day he asked me a pointed question.

“Jen, are you a Christian?” My reply was honest.

“Sure. Isn’t everyone in America a Christian?”

Yes, I really believed that. I had no idea that becoming a Christian was a personal, individual decision. I just assumed America was the land of Christianity so being born here gave me immediate access to the club.

Fast forward to college. As a new believer, I suddenly remembered that conversation. That was what Chris was asking about! Now I get it! And immediately I was compelled to find him and answer him with a resounding and fully understood ‘yes.’

But, as mentioned, I had no clue where he was on planet earth. We hadn’t spoken in several years. I had met him in Louisville, KY (my hometown), but was now in Tuscaloosa, AL attending the University of Alabama. I didn’t even know where to begin.

So, I started with prayer.

I had joined a campus ministry and my new friends kept talking about how you can pray about anything, so I decided to give it a try. I sat on my bed and asked God very simply, "Can You please help me find Chris Hahn? Amen."

That was it. No fanfare, no big churchy words. Just a straight forward request and then I went about my day.

The next morning, my mom put on her nametag and went to work at a hotel in Lexington, KY. A short while later, Chris Hahn walked into the hotel and saw my mom. He noted her nametag, paused and then asked if we were related. After she responded affirmatively, Chris wrote down his phone number and gave it to her saying, “Can you ask her to call me? I would love to know how she is doing.”

That afternoon, less than 24 hours after I had prayed, I had Chris Hahn’s phone number.

Now if that doesn’t jump start your prayer life, I don’t know what does. To say I was blown away is an understatement. It brought the reality of my decision to follow Christ to a whole new level.

God is legit!

To this day I often reflect on that answered prayer. It never fails to strengthen my faith, even on the weakest of days. It's ironic that the most effective way to increase your faith is to step out in faith and ask for the impossible. But it's true.

What are you praying about that only God can accomplish? What are you asking for that won't happen unless He does it for you?

Let this Christmas season be more than your normal routine. Give Him a chance to show up big in your life by praying for something BIG. Allow a personal miracle in your life to be a fresh reminder of the miraculous birth of His Son.

May this Christmas be merrier and more meaningful than ever before.

Be Intentional

Go ahead and do it. Be specific and pray BIG.

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