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Blog #5 - The Making of a Meal

I love to cook. Measuring. Mixing. Sautéing. I love the creation of a good meal. (Especially if it garners a collective “Yum!” from the family!) What I hate is meal planning. I loathe pulling out my recipe box and picking through the all-too-familiar index cards attempting to add variety to our weekly diet.

And then there’s the grocery list.

It is so laborious in my mind and I have to do it every week! But without this recipe-choosing, list-making extravaganza, I am unable to make good meals.

And that is all I want to do.

Moral of the story? A good action is preceded by good preparation.

That same truth applies to our next portion of Proverbs 3:5-6. We have reached the third, and final, task! Let’s review all of them:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.”

Finally, we get to do something! In all our ways = action! But don’t move too quickly. There is a reason this task is third in line. To acknowledge doesn’t mean do what you see fit and just wave at God along the way. That, unfortunately, is like starting to cook without first planning the meal. Let me explain.

As we deal with an issue, we must first trust Him with it (see blog #3). We couple that with not being troubled by our perceived understanding of what is happening (see blog #4). After we trust and lean in the right direction we can safely begin to execute “our ways.” Gotta plan the meal before we cook!

By acknowledging Him, sometimes translated remembering or submitting to Him, we are checking in advance to make sure our potential action is in line with what has already been established in our hearts and minds. (Reread if that didn’t sink in!) It comes in the form of two questions:

#1 Does what I want to do demonstrate that I am trusting Him?

#2 Am I acting out of fear, anger, or anything else that stems from my attempts to make sense of my situation?

The first two tasks help you process the third. Acknowledge, remember, submit to whatever is already settled in your heart.

Lately I have been trying to do something that feels uncomfortable. God nudged me in this area, and I have been giving it a try, but it has not been easy. I am definitely ready to step back into my safe place and say I gave it a valiant try! So, this week, as I have teetered back and forth on the edge of my comfort zone, I have considered the first two tasks.

Did God open the door for me to try something new? Yes, therefore I can trust Him with it.

What tells me to turn around? My own understanding or His? Mine.

In doing the mental prep work, “my ways” are pretty clear. I need to ignore my own understanding and press on. This endeavor may not feel as fun as cooking a meal, but there’s a satisfaction in knowing I am doing the right thing. And deep down there is a bit of excitement as I wonder how this “meal” is going to turn out. Presently it looks a bit soupy and undercooked, but I have faith the more I walk out these three tasks the tastier it will appear.

I am trusting there is an excellent meal in the making!

Be Intentional Is there an area where you need to press on and not give up? Or an area you are trying to control and make sense of? Before you act, consider questions #1 and #2. Your answers will acknowledge Him and guide your ways.

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