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Blog #26- Post-Christmas Miracle

My neighbor still has her Christmas tree up. And you will never guess why!

It started producing new buds. In other words, her tree is still alive! Check out the light green sprigs.

How is that possible, you ask? The tree has been cut from its root.

Good question.

My own curiosity led to a little research where I learned something REALLY COOL. It’s a mini science lesson but bear with me.

In order for conifers to make it through the winter season, they slip into a dormancy stage. It’s a gradual process that actually begins in early Fall. When the nights get longer, and temperatures cool down, the tree gets the go-ahead to take a nap. But before it starts snoozing, it sets up an alarm clock called a “chilling requirement.”

An average evergreen needs six to ten weeks of exposure to temperatures below 40F. After this condition is met, and as soon as the temperatures rise again, the tree will awaken and begin growing buds.

So, what is happening across the street? My friend’s tree had a shorter chilling requirement and the quota was met before the holiday festivities began. So, when she relocated the tree into her warm, inviting home, the alarm clocked beeped and the budding began.

Post-Christmas miracle.

So, what’s my take-away? We all have areas in our lives we think are probably dead. They might appear festively adorned with ornaments and lights, but on the inside, they are slowly withering.

A failing marriage

A wayward child

A mounting lifestyle you cannot afford

Or maybe your tree is standing bare and exposed. No glitter. Nothing blinking. No masking the reality of what life looks like right now.


Depression or anxiety

Broken relationships

But somewhere in those final sighs of resignation a tiny bud begins to sprout. A fresh, pale expression of life suddenly appears.

That area is not dead. There’s hope!

I went to look at the tree again this week. When I look at it, I see hope personified. I can’t get enough of it. There is a lot in my life right now that resembles death and her tree gives me hope. Cathy and I keep asking each other the same question.

How is this dead tree producing life without roots?

The same way God produces life when all we see is death.

Breathing new life into a stale marriage.

Removing an impasse from a relational gridlock.

Taking devastation and replacing it with purpose.

It starts with hope. And hope is powerful. But what do you do when hope appears nowhere to be found?

“Now hope that is seen is not hope. For who hopes for what he sees? We hope for what we do not see, we wait for it with patience.” Romans 8:24-25

This is where our rubber faith meets the road. Do we believe what the Bible says or not?At times hope will not be seen. But that doesn't mean it isn't there. It just means we have to wait patiently, trusting our Heavenly Father is working behind the scenes to start the budding process.

It's not easy. But this is where the miracle comes in.

A dead tree, with no hope of being revived, suddenly sprouts new life. That's a miracle.

The past couple of months have been difficult for my family. My neighbor's tree, though, has reminded me that one day, when I least expect it, a bud is going to appear. And the same will happen for you and the dead tree in your life.

So let's hang on together. It's coming.

Our Post-Christmas miracle.

Be Intentional

Do you have an area of your life that feels like it’s dying? Don't lose hope. Choose to take the Bible at its word and patiently wait for what you cannot see.

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1 Comment

Jan 25, 2020

Such a great word, Jen. My favorite word is hope. I’m praying you get your next miracle soon. I love you and your guys so much.

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